Friday, July 31, 2009

My garden!

Okay, it's finally seemed to hit a streak of 80 degree weather here in the northeast and my garden is finally starting to do good things.

This is my lone zucchini. My squash plants were starting to die. And I managed to bring them back to life.

These are my tomatoes just waiting to turn red. I have a couple of heirloom tomato plants mixed in there too.

I have lots of hot peppers. I have hungarian wax peppers and you run of the mill green hot peppers!

This is my biggest success. Cucumbers! This is about half of my total bounty so far, I figure I have about 13 or so of them that will be ready to pick soon.

My beans are just starting to come in to. For some reason I couldn't get my carrots or beets to grow this year. I had a great crop of snap peas. It made it all worthwhile to grow a garden when my son finally started to eat some of the peas.


Paula said...

Hey what a beautiful garden you have..and personally I feel if kids are involved in gardening they will develop an interest towards veggies.I hope your kids are a regular eater of green vegetables as they contain antioxidants which helps to combat disease. Healthy Eating Kids

Anonymous said...

Your garden looks amazing! I m looking forward to summer to get my hands in the dirt in my allotment garden...