Monday, September 28, 2009

Potty training

My son is 31 months old. He has recently shown an interest in potty training. In the past week he's peed in the potty several times. I even purchased him some dinosaur underwear, which he was very psyched about. It seems as though he is very inconsistent about this. He does much better to notice that he has to go when he's naked or wearing the underwear, otherwise the diaper is on and he goes about his business. I have an M&M jar, (which he calls M's) that he gets some if he uses the potty. I think he is still figuring out that there is a difference between pee and poop. He calls it all 'poopy'. And, he's yet to go to the bathroom sitting on the potty, he straddles it and pees standing up.. which is hysterical.

So, to all you mom's.. I assume the inconsistency is normal? But how do you get them to go more regularly? Or do you just wait until they're ready?


smartchic said...

inconsistency in potty training your child is normal. just be patient. as for me, i don't impose rules on how often my kid needs to go in a day. as long as he goes to the potty every time he needs to, then that should do it.

Hartley said...

I just came across your blog and thought I would leave you a comment.
Potty training kids with SPD is very hard. The challenge is that for the child the "sensation" of having to go pee can change, and often does, day to day. They have to learn to recognize the feeling of having to use the toilet differently than we do.
That said, no matter what motivation you choose to use (like candies, and TRUST me we have tried them all--including a $50 toy we kept on top of the fridge, because I was told the child needed to "see" it for this particular theory to work, which it DID NOT), there is a good chance that movtivation isn't the problem in getting your son to potty train.
It just takes time. Calm, reassurance from mom that he can do this, and time. And, did I mention time? LOL
Hang in there--you both can do it,

Hartley said...

I forgot to mention my kids' potty training activities--

My oldest (SPD) started potty training at 2 years old and finished at 3 1/2.

My second son (Tactile Defenisveness), potty trained himself, litterally overnight, one week before he was 3 as soon as he actually "got it".

My youngest, (suspected SPD), potty trained at 3 and 8 months.

Having a child with senosry issues potty train before the 3 1/2-4 year mark is rare, so don't put any pressure on you or your kiddo--it will happen!


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