Saturday, September 6, 2008

Been busy... learning to can.

Well, this weekend is wrapping up my vacation. Last weekend we went to my dad's camp. We had a cookout on Labor Day at my SIL's. So, with some of my free time, I thought I would give canning a try since I got all my canning goodies for my birthday. The first thing I made was applesauce with the apples we picked a week ago. This website was extremely helpful.
Not only do they give you canning instructions for just about everything, they also have a list of the Upick places in your area.

For the applesauce, I just put a little cinnamon, applesauce and brown sugar. This was the first thing that I ever canned and I wasn't sure if I was even doing it right... but the next day my lids were sealed so I figured it was fine.

Unfortunately there aren't any Upick peaches places around here. So, I bought a big box of peaches from the farmer's market on Thursday and I canned most of them. I forgot to take pictures of my purchases. I bought orange sweet peppers, potatoes, mini pears, and romaine lettuce.

I went to the Farmer's Market briefly today. I also forgot to take pictures. I don't know what is wrong with me. But, I got a big pack of tomatoes, some green peppers, and cilantro to make salsa to can. I also got some broccoli, pears, eggs and taco seasoning (this is for the taco dip we're making for the kickoff of football season tomorrow.)

I would love to hear your stories of different things you've canned. Or even your first canning experience. I think this might be a new addiction. (Like I need anymore)


Renata said...

Hi there, I've canned pear butter (with water bath). I had thought that between all the tomatoes I planted and my CSA, I'd have enough to can. Not so. I have made fresh salsa, but I haven't canned it. I also don't have the proper equipment for other things, but I hope to be able to try it out next year.

You should try this peach salsa recipe:

I had a coworker who made it a few years ago and it was a hit. I think this is the same recipe as she had.

Stephanie said...

I recently canned a bunch of peaches with my mom and sisters. We ended up with 117 quarts of peaches in two days. It was such a fun experience - canning with family is so much fun!

I can't wait until I get my own canning equipment and am able to do my own canning - I'll feel so self-sufficient.