Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My garden!! My first crop.

My mom is an avid gardener. My step dad and she have had a vegetable garden since I was a kid. I used to love the carrots. I did not inherit her greenthumb. When I moved into my house, I tinkered around with flowers. Some good results, some bad.

Well, I've decided that I would start a vegetable garden this year. Just a small, raised bed to see how it goes.
This picture is from a week or so ago. It gives you an idea of the size, my plants are just taller now. I tried to take a picture today, but the sun caused an awful glare.
In my garden I have (from left to right):
Cucumbers, green flat beans, purple pole beans, red onions, radishes, carrots, cauliflower, green peppers, red hot peppers.

Today I harvested a few of my radishes. I am so excited to have actually produced something. They taste wonderful!!! Radishes only take 29 days.... every thing else will be awhile.

Picture 1: you can see them just bulging out of the ground.
Picture 2: Freshly picked.
Picture 3: All nicely cleaned up.

Now let me tell you. It didn't cost much to get this off the ground. (no pun intended).
The bean pole was a gift from mom, but they run about $25.00.
The wood for the bed cost around $25.00.
2 bags of dirt @ $7.99 each: $16.00
Rototiller: Borrowed mom's. Not sure how much $$ to rent.
Seeds& plants: ~$25.00

So, that's a total of ~$90.00 give or take. I think I may do another two of these next year, depending on how the rest turns out. I post pictures of my crops as I pick them. I am anxiously awaiting my husband to put a fence around it. My house is in front of a park and the bunnies like to invade and eat my flowers. I can't imagine what they'll do with all my carrots.
I should give some credit to my valuable assistant!!


Tonya said...

Congrats!!! Really, you are my hero!! I would love to plant a few garden things, but I would kill them, and I'm too lazy. Sad, I know.

Jen said...

That is exactly what I thought. I've killed every indoor plant I've ever tried to grow. But it really was so easy. I just made sure that I watered the garden every day. I haven't even really needed to weed it yet.