Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Farmer's Market Trip 8/16/08

This was from last week's market trip. I bought apples in hopes of making applesauce. This past week has been busy and now with the apples from the day we went picking, I've definately got to do it! I bought a huge bag of potatoes for $4.00 and I've since made french fries 2x, and still have some left. Also there are pears, peaches, lemons, peppers, blueberries. I bought 2 things of spices.

I got some fancy pasta! Orange and chocolate fusilli!!! I've not done anything with it yet, still trying to figure out what my creation will be.

And then this was the unique item. Yellow watermelon! Have any of you seen it? It tastes maybe just a little sweeter than regular watermelon, but very crisp. I even saved some of the seeds so that I could try to plant some next year. I got a small melon for $4.00, but it made several snacks for Zach.


Mandy said...

We love yellow watermelon! Speaking of yellow fruit, have you tried golden kiwi? It is SO GOOD! It's not acidic as the green kiwi and has a really mellow, sweet flavor, almost like a pear. :)

Jen said...

Hey Mandy!! It's so funny that you mention it. I saw golden kiwi at the store last week and picked one up! My little guy devoured it in no time flat!!