Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Move over Ziploc baggies....

Ziploc bags are my weakness in the fight to reduce waste. It's the one area I've had troubles with. I mean, face it.. they're so handy.. you can store anything in them.. and then you don't have to clean it.
On another blog that I read, these handy things were suggested. The Wrap -n- Mat.

The inside is lined with a clear plastic, I'm not sure you can tell on the picture. So you wrap your sandwich, chips, vegetables, whatever and it seals with velcro. You open it up and it's a placemat!! The clear plastic is easy to wipe down. Voila!! I bought 3 of them.. and they're great for packed lunches. I still have Ziplocs. Old habits die hard, but at least I'm using them sparingly now.

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