Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Raspberry picking.

Last week my sister texted me and asked if I had plans late Friday morning, Early afternoon. She had wanted to get together before she headed out to work. I had decided that I was going to take Zach raspberry picking. I was so glad when she accepted my invitation to come along because it would be hard to pick raspberries and keep my eye on him. He definately ate my money's worth in raspberries. They had 3 different colors and many different varieties. Purple, Red, and black. It was so much fun to pick them ourselves. Zach was a huge red mess when we left. It was a good deal too. $3.50/lb. 2 pints cost me $4.50. This is much less than if I had bought them at the Farmer's Market or the store. And they tasted so good. It was the first time I'd ever had purple or black raspberries. After we were done, we took the kids over to the petting zoo. My niece started doing some cartwheels that made Zach belly laugh. I get such a kick out of the things that amuse him.

The first picture is of my sister and Zach walking through the patch.This is Zach and my niece.

The big helper! Could only get that pacifier away when he was shoving raspberries in his face.

I have some pictures of the raspberries themselves, but the picture is at home and I am work, so I will post it later. They were pretty good size berries too. They grow until the fall, so I am hopeful to make many more trips. Blueberries are officially available for Upick now, so I can't wait to get some of those too. I have a recipe idea floating around in my head for the raspberries. I'm going to try it out and if it's any good, I'll pass it along.

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